Clinical Services

Hamm Clinic is comprised of psychiatrists, social workers and psychologists working together to provide the best mental health care possible. The majority of Hamm Clinic’s work is direct service to clients who are striving to improve their mental health or resolve personal and relationship issues. Because each person comes to the clinic with a unique situation we know that good care begins with a careful assessment. This assessment informs our treatment because planning for care needs to occur in the context of environment, family, culture and social factors as well as with consideration of other health concerns. Our skilled clinicians work with clients to decide on treatment goals and actively work to help clients achieve those goals.


Hamm Clinic respects the right to privacy and the personal nature of each person’s life story. The clinic safeguards client information in all aspects of our work. Hamm Clinic is HIPAA compliant and operates within the laws and regulations of Minnesota in protecting client information. We welcome any questions about policy and practice regarding privacy.

Clinical Services are available in English or Spanish.